Finally talking again...

2009-08-21 00:02:17 by luigi180

I just realilized, I come to Newgrounds all the time, yet I never even go to my page, so here comes an update... for anyone that even cares. I'm going to be uploading my first attempt at coloring in a line art in photoshop soon. I'm quit pround of how it turned out, even though I'm a noob:S

Sup peeps

2008-07-04 06:39:28 by luigi180

Sup everyone, Ed here (mah real name)! I'm just righting this really to make my page look better... and to see if anyone actually comes to my page and comments this. But yes I do have one problem; I'd just bought Macromedia Flash 8 and I totally don't get how to use it at all so if anyone knows a help site for me that would be great or you could post your own little tips here to thanks^_^